The Rascal Gin - Release your inner Rascal

The Rascal

The Rascal has a mischievous character. It dares to be different. It’s Javan roots whisk you away on a journey of discovery. The Rascal embraces you like a tropical ocean breeze gently swaying a palm, soothing your soul and awakening something deep within. Your mischievous side, perhaps?

Savour every sip

Handpicked spices

The Rascal Gin is a spirit that has been crafted with love and passion, something that you can savour in every sip. Its distinctive flavour profile is conjured-up by an eclectic and exotic mix of hand-picked spices and botanicals from the Indonesian islands of Java, Sumatra and Bali.

Pure or on the rocks

To create this premium, artisanal gin we partnered with one of the world’s foremost gin distillers in the Netherlands – acknowledged as a ‘World-class Distillery’. As a result, The Rascal suggests a distinctive taste sensation that carries you away on a voyage of discovery through a land of fiery volcanos, verdant forests and warm oceans – Indonesia. Drink it pure, on the rocks, or in combination with a premium tonic and added botanicals.

Our roots

The Rascal’s origins lie in the family roots of the three founders of the brand. The spices used during family cooking sessions inspired our choices for the spirit and after much experimentation and flavour profiling and tasting we arrived at the perfect formulation. Our desire was to create the perfect gin, matching traditional, centuries-old recipes.

We succeeded!


Warm notes of Cardamom and Orange are subtly suffused with an eclectic selection of exotic botanicals including Angelica Seed, Cumin and Violet Root.

points of sale

The Rascal Gin is currently available from a selected group of retail outlets, wholesale distributors and cafes/restaurants in the Netherlands.

  • Gall & Gall – Zevenbergen
  • Slijterij van der Maas – Fijnaart
  • Hanos Nederland
  • Beers & Barrels Brouwhuis – Breda
  • Beers & Barrels at the Harbour – Utrecht
  • Beers & Barrels Downtown – Utrecht
  • The Streetfoodclub – Utrecht
  • Rum Club – Utrecht
  • De Botanist – Breda
  • Horesca Lieferink
  • Mauritz Grand Café – Willemstad
  • ElMiguel– Willemstad
  • Fort 1881– Hoek van Holland
  • De Lievelinge – Lingebos
  • De Wijnkelder – Barendrecht
  • ‘t Waaltje – Heerjansdam
  • Van der Valk Princeville
  • ’t Proeverijtje – Oudenbosch
  • Dirk Schram –
  • Wijnkoperij Cees van Noord – Rotterdam
  • Whisky & Gin – Breda
  • Gin Fling –
  • The Gin Buzz –
  • ‘t Wienuus – Tholen
  • Jack – Rotterdam
  • Beachclub Natural High – Ouddorp

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