Limited Java Edition



* Certificate of Authenticity
* Only 300 available!



The Rascal Gin ‘Java’ Edition

The Rascal Gin ‘Java’ Edition has a beautiful appearance with a characteristic Javanese batik pattern. The box includes a limited edition 70CL bottle of The Rascal Gin with a unique Batik finish which immediately catches the eye. In addition a real ‘’The Rascal Gin’’ Copa glass is included which will start your Indonesian journey.

Thé perfect collector’s item for any gin & Indonesia lover.

This Limited ‘Java’ Edition contains:
– 1x Limited 70CL bottle of The Rascal Gin
– 1x The Rascal Gin Copa glass
– Certificate of authenticity

The Rascal Gin Collector’s Edition

In this series of limited editions we take you on a journey through Indonesia and let you experience all the beauty that Indonesia has to offer. Each edition has a limited release of 300 pieces. In each new edition, the journey continues to a new location in Indonesia which is reflected in the bottle’s design.

The bottles are hand-signed from 1 – 300.

Order this Limited ‘Java’ Edition as a personal treat or as a unique Collector’s item for any gin & Indonesia enthusiast.